About Craftsman Ventures

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Two generations of moving your dreams from concept to creation

At Craftsman Ventures, we appreciate the value that our hard work and passion for quality can bring to a new homeowner community. It’s our commitment to these two values that you receive when you buy a new home from us.

As long-time BC residents, our senior management team enjoy the mountains and wilderness that make the province so beautiful and unique. This appreciation for the outdoors and stunning vistas also gives Craftsman its focus on developments that highlight this natural attraction, providing home buyers with this same sense of awe and wonder from their living room daily.

Personalized service with a hands-on approach

At Craftsman Ventures, we understand that building someone’s home is both a privilege and a huge responsibility. It’s why we take a hands-on approach to working directly with each of our homeowners, making sure they’re truly satisfied with their new home. This dedicated one-on-one service is our promise to all our customers.

Delivering the lifestyle you want
in a high-quality home

At Craftsman Ventures, we care about the little details that matter when we’re building someone’s dream. Whether it’s high-quality building materials, flawless custom finishings or other unique design touches, our team makes sure that each home is uniquely crafted according to the homeowners’ daily needs. This thoughtful attention to detail comes through our ongoing collaboration with our experienced team of dedicated construction and development professionals.

Complementing neighbourhoods
across BC

One of the things we’ve learned over many successful developments is how to balance the architecture and amenities of a new neighbourhood with the natural surroundings of the area. Focusing on highlighting the local beauty of an area while seamlessly integrating our project into the landscape is one of the many reasons our homeowners are excited to live in our developments.

Proven track record of 30+ years

Our formula for success is a well-practiced one and is showcased in our growing list of award-winning projects. With the full backing of the Craftsman Group, and more than three decades of experience in the BC marketplace, we’re an established, locally owned developer who puts customer satisfaction first.

Interested in knowing more about what makes us so popular with our customers? We’ve prepared a gallery of our residential homes and our commercial projects.